About Us

FELOH {For Everyone’s Love of Hair} is a revolutionary social media and e-commerce app for the beauty and grooming industry. 

For the people:  Discover style inspiration, local hair artists, and the best products for you.  Connect with users that share similar interests.  Earn FELOH dollars by sharing product reviews and posts.  Use your FELOH dollars in the FELOH store to buy the best products for your hair type.  When it comes to beauty and grooming, FELOH will be your "fellow" and help you find what you're looking for!  

For the brands and retailers: We pay our users to buy your products!  FELOH rewards users and incentivize them to shop in the FELOH store.  Our goal is to help you reach new customers, gain exposure, and make sells.  Brands and retailers can build a FELOH business page and add products to sell in the FELOH store.  This is a low-cost and high exposure way to grow and connect with your customers.  

For the stylists, barbers, and artists: Showcase your work, grow your clientele, manage and book appointments, build your legacy in the industry!  We want to give you the best tools to establish yourself in the beauty and grooming industry.